Friday, April 15, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Jackie Robinson Day Edition

Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, posed and ready to swing
Today would normally be the deadline day for turning in your tax return forms to the IRS, but you have extended time to do so until the 18th.   It's also the GLSEN Day of Silence as noted in an earlier TransGriot post. .

But today is also the day in 1947 that Jackie Robinson broke into the major leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke baseball's color line.   Some historians consider it to be the second most import day in the history of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

It was on his day Robinson opened the door for other non-white baseball players to follow in his spikes when he stepped on that Ebbets Field baseball diamond to begin a national league Rookie of the Year season..  A huge debt is owed to him for taking the racist abuse he did for future pro baseball players to be able to play without much of the unnecessary drama he endured.

Now that I've commented on this historic day, now let's get to what y'all normally surf the Web for to find out on this day.   You wanna know what fools, fools or group of fools struck out in the common sense department, ran afoul (pun intended) of the double play of ignorance and stupidity, and hit a home run of hypocrisy.

Time for this week's Shut Up Fool Awards.

I'm just cutting straight to the one that jumped out at me this week afer an avalanche of idits to numerous to wade through just to whittle it down to three honorable mention candidates.

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is North Carolina governor Pat McCrory (R).

After enduring a PR tsunami for blitzing the unjust HB 2 through the North Carolina General Assembly, seeing the deleterious effect on his state's economy,  saying their would be 'no economic consequences' for passing it, and blaming the Democrats for their phuck up, he then signs a meaningless executive order as a PR band-Air to 'fix the problems of the unjust law' and called for a dialogue on HB 2?
"What we need is dialogue, instead of threats. [...] I see at the national level with presidential politics, I see even with this issue with the threats and the letters and the boycotts—I don't see conversation. I don't even see people reading things before they threaten to boycott. Why don't we have a conversation?"
Really Governor?  The rest of North Carolina and the world is not as stupid as your base. The time to talk about HB 2 was when you North Carolina conservafools were trying to pass it over the objections of every sane person in the Tarheel State. But y'all didn't want dialogue then, you wanted a monologue and to stick it to Charlotte for passing a civil rights law that covered all its citizens.

Now that what everyone said would happen is coming to pass, you're trying to save yours and your party's political posteriors and your endangered political careers.  All you had to do was not pass that unjust bill, but you couldn't resist the temptation to be a GOP oppressor and put yourself in the history books with other oppressive anti-civil rights Southern governors like Orville Faubus, Ross Barnett. and George Wallace.

And you have no one to blame for you predicament than yourself.

Gov. Pat McCrory, shut up fool!

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