Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New York Primary Election Today

After nine days of hard fought campaigning, New York state goes to the polls for their primary elections on the Democratic and Republican sides in a few hours.

It's the state in which Hillary Clinton has resided in since 2001, was elected twice to represent in the US Senate, and if the polling holds up (and the last poll showed Hillary Clinton maintaining a double digit lead), she will once again continue the pattern of blowout wins in the big delegate haul states that look like the Democratic Party.

How many delegates are at stake?  291 delegates total are up for grabs, and in more cascading bad news for the Sanders campaign, it's a closed primary state, which means only registered Democrats can participate.  

It's also a state with an 18% Black population.   #BlackVotersMatter, but then again, we've been sending that message since Nevada.

So we'll find out in a few hours who will take New York and get the momentum leading up to April 26 and the five Northeastern states that will be having primaries on that date.  

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