Monday, September 14, 2015

The Fight To Keep HERO-September 14

One of the things that has irritated me and many of the folks in Black LGBT Houston is not utilizing our voices, knowledge of our community and expertise to forcefully combat the loud and wrong Black * ministers the predominately white conservatives pushing this attack or HERO are using as human shields to give them the veneer of a 'diverse' coalition.

They are more like the 'useful fools' who will be discarded if the wingers are successful in getting HERO repealed.

But I refuse to lose a local remedy to address discrimination without a fight, and judging by the guest post I put up in my last HERO update, H-town discrimination is not only happening no thanks to the suspension of the law by GOP SCOTX meddling, but HERO is needed.

The folks diligently working to increase 'ejumacation' on what HERO really is are handling their business in our community, canvassing is continuing and we have dueling radio ads at this point.

But I'm still concerned about Houston Black media lazily buying the right wing spin and lies and not debunking it.  It doesn't help that KCOH-AM is now owned by HERO hatin' mayoral candidate Ben Hall.

And with faith based kneegrow ignorati like this christopimping lies about a law that covers 15 categories while trying to erase the Blackness of Houston Black trans, bi and SGL people, it has been an uphill battle.  

But it's one we MUST and are determined to win in Black TBLGQ/SGL Houston because we are keenly aware that  Proposition 1 is going to be won or lost in the Black community

I need to see more Houston Black politicians and local orgs like the NAACP and Urban League open their mouths and speak about their support of HERO instead of being on the cricket chirping silent down low about it.

That also includes any Black politician running for public office in this cycle.   My vote for you is contingent on where you unequivocally stand on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Supporting human rights for all Houstonians is not something to be ashamed of, it's something you should be bursting with pride about, and in the same breath you should be forcefully calling out the people falling for the right wing okey doke  and preparing to vote against their own human rights based on a debunked lie.

Houston needs HERO.  Vote YES on proposition 1 to keep it

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