Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Fight To Keep HERO-September 10

One day closer to November 3 and the 2015 Houston city and mayoral elections that will determine the fate of Proposition 1, AKA HERO

Mayoral candidate Ben Hall and his merry band of faux 'christian' HERO haters have ramped up their attacks on the ordinance, with Hall hosting an event at Northbrook MS in which he flat out lied about the ordinance and tried to claim the Fort Worth ordinance was better.   Yeah, figures he and his friends would like that one since it threw trans people under the civil rights bus there.  

The HERO haters have also been throwing out the talking point that the HERO is 'poorly written' and needs to be redone so that we can 'make it better.' That's bigot speak for 'we want to erase the Houston TBLG community out of it and protect our special right to discriminate'.

Funny, the Greater Houston Partnership likes it as is, can read it, and is urging a YES vote on Proposition 1.   The ordinance is also written so clearly that even a conservafool like Sarah Palin can understand it.

And what sayeth Moni to those kneegrows bearing false witness against the Houston trans community and colluding with white conservafool pastors to pimp anti-trans hate in the Houston Black community we reside in?

'Our fate as Black TBLGQ people in this country is inextricably tied to the rest of Black America, and Black folks wishing to divide the Black SGL and non-SGL communities would do well to remember that'--TransGriot March 25, 2015

Back to the HERO update.  

Transphobic ignorance has been raging unchecked in the Black community due to the HERO hatin' ministers colluding with White conservative pastors, fanning the hellfire flames of transphobic bigotry.

But we HERO supporters have been pushing back hard against the ignorance.  There was Cristan Williams masterfully pushing back against the debunked trans predator bathroom lie that has been nauseatingly repeated since 2014.

Fran Watson took on the HERO haters on Majic 102's Sunday Morning Live show. It is one of the most listened to FM stations in Black Houston, and so far it has been on the wrong side of this debate.  Didn't get any better yesterday when Majic 102 featured sexual harasser, hypocrite pastor and city council candidate Kendall Baker, who is running against Councilmember Richard Nguyen.

Kudos to Fran for going into the belly of the HERO hatin' beast yesterday when she went to Ben Hall owned KCOH-AM to confront Hall and the HERO ignorati.

Noel Freeman was recently on a KTRK-TV 13 public affairs program and demolished the bathroom predator lie.

Take notes people, this is what needs to be said about it for the rest of the HERO defense campaign and anywhere else in the country this issue comes up.

To give you an example of the bigoted ignorance we Houston Black TBLG people are encountering (and need IMMEDIATE help confronting Houston Unites), this is a snippet of an online conversation advocate Ashton Woods had with a faux faith based HERO hater (part of the anti-LGBT COGIC denomination) on a Facebook discussion thread I was also heavily active on yesterday.

I had fun dropping 20 megatons of HERO knowledge on willfully ignorant people in that thread as well..

And FYI, this is what trans people do in the bathroom.

Ashton also has an interesting post on his Strength In Numbers blog that documents who we're fighting against in this battle to keep HERO.

Ashton is also putting together a press conference that will take place at 5:30 PM CDT tomorrow (September 11) at Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park.  It will give the Houston TBLG communities of color a chance to speak about why HERO is needed and necessary,

One of the other things I'm not liking in addition to the lack of trans, bi and SGL voices of color in this Houston Unites campaign defending the HERO is the silence of the local NAACP, the local Houston Urban League chapter, and the silence of far too many Black legislators at all levels of government in terms of confronting the ignorance around HERO.

Y'all need to speak up, be courageous drum majors and majorettes for justice and clearly outline where you stand on HERO before early voting starts next month.

If you support HERO, better name it and claim it.   That also goes for you peeps running for council as well.

Will pop the popcorn and see which Houston mayoral candidates during the mayoral debate tonight on ABC-13 and Univision stand up for HERO.

I already know the ones who hate it.

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