Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not Feeling The MSNBC Ethnic Cleansing

'The dearth of CNN African-American and Latino anchors has led me to stop watching what I sarcastically call the 'Caucasian News Network' and go elsewhere to channels like MSNBC, for national and international news.  I'm not supporting a channel that won't hire or use pundits who look like me.'  
--TransGriot  May 13, 2013. CNN The Caucasian News Network

I wrote that in response to my pissivity over CNN rightward drift combined with their ethnic cleansing of many of the African-American and Latinx personalities and shows I loved to watch.

Now MSNBC has unfortunately decided to go down that ethnic cleansing road.

Over the last few months they have eliminated shows headed by non-white folks featuring Karen Finney, Joy Reid, Alex Wagner, Martin Bashir, and the  Rev Al Sharpton.

Jose Diaz-Balart's Rundown show was rumored to be headed for cancellation as well until a coalition of 40 Latinx organizations including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists loudly blasted the report and let MSNBC president Phil Griffin and NBC news head Andrew Lack know their displeasure concerning that proposed move. 

MSNBC has also eliminated the show of Ed Schultz, who is a unabashed left leaning voice of working class people.  Ronan Farrow's show is gone, and so is The Cycle, the ensemble show that featured the diverse crew of Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman, Toure and Ari Melber.

They left Morning Joe on, and replaced the ethnically cleansed MSNBC talent  with Chuck (Yuck) Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Thomas Roberts and soon the disgraced Brian Williams.

Right now the only non-white people hosting MSNBC shows are Tamron Hall and Jose Diaz-Balart (for now) during the week and Melissa Harris-Perry on the weekends   That's unacceptable in an America that is increasingly becoming more non-white, and one that desperately needed MSNBC to be an intelligent counterweight to the nonstop right wing propaganda from FOX Noise.

 I also liked and needed to see someone from my community who can intelligently talk about events from my lived African-American perspective on the news channels I watch.

Andy Lack, if you are doing the MSNBC ethnic cleansing  to mimic FOX,Noise, that's the wrong programming play.  FOX Noise is number one in the ratings because that's the ONLY (alleged news) network conservafools tune into for their daily does of propaganda and their Two Minute Hate.    

If anything MSNBC, you should have dumped Morning Joe, the prison shows on the weekend and doubled down on liberal progressive programming and putting on air more pundits who look like America,  I refuse to watch Meet The Press because of Chuck Todd's obvious right wing bias when Sunday morning talk shows are already too heavily right wing biased in the first place.

Now you've  replaced Rev Al and Rd Schultz to put Todd on in the afternoon?  How much hallucinogenic drugs were y'all doing when y'all made this boneheaded decision?

I damned sure don't want to watch someone who thinks it isn't a journalist's job the educate the public with the truth when Republicans, (or any politician) lies.

Neither do I want to continue watching a network that mistakenly thinks the road to better ratings is paved with mimicking FOX Noise and eliminating non white show hosts..  
As pissed off as  I am about MSNBC's ethnic cleansing, the only reason I'm still watching it  is because of your evening lineup featuring Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Hayes and my cable package doesn't have Al Jazeera America.
But if this MSNBC ethnic cleansing continues, I'll be tuning in to the BBC and  lok at how much will adding Al Jazeera America will cost  since MSNBC no longer reflects what I expect to see, hear and
demand from a news network.   

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