Monday, July 27, 2015

On Like Donkey Kong Over HERO

As you probably guessed, we in H-town, and especially the Houston TBLG community are majorly pissed over the unjust all Republican Texas Supreme Court's partisan decision to suspend the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. 

A meeting was held yesterday afternoon at Resurrection MCC to discuss what's happening, and the next action steps  that will happen to defend the HERO should we have to deal with a repeal referendum which was made more likely by the TX Supreme Court's decision.

One thing that will immediately happen tomorrow is HERO supporters will head to Houston City Hall in force to express our disgust at what happened and urge the city to defend our local remedy human rights law that protects 15 categories.

I'm still in Texan Come and Take It mode, and hope you are, too.  I and Team HERO spent several 10 plus hour days enduring right wing hatred and insults in three council meeting plus a hearing to get it passed last year, and I will fight with every fiber of my being to defend HERO.

If you wish to join the fun, you need to sign up to speak now for the meeting that will take place at starting at 2 PM CDT.  Organizers are asking that yo get there no later than 1:30 PM so you can clear security before entering the council chambers.

I would also hope that a protest is being planned for the Harris County Republican Party headquarters on Richmond Ave.

I find it interesting and telling that the major Houston Equal Rights Ordinance haters like Rick Scarborough, Dave Welch, Steve Hotze and Steve Riggle all live OUTSIDE the Houston city limits.

So yeah suburban haters. it's on like Donkey Kong! and you suburban bigots and professional gaybaiters need to stay out of Houston human rights business and stop hatin' on my HERO!!

 Houston human rights can't wait. No suburban faux faith based hate in my hometown

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