Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jordana Composing The ''Free Cece' Movie Soundtrack

You have heard me discuss Jordana LeSesne on this blog numerous times because I have much love for her, and you TransGriot readers have her to thank for me starting this blog.

She got me to commit to that January 1, 2006 start date for TransGriot, and stayed on my behind until I put up that first post on that date at midnight EST.

And the rest is history.

My musically talented little sis from another mother is a groundbreaking and amazing music producer that is on the comeback trail after breaking out in a major way in the 90's

Jordana is ramping up for a return to the music biz and has been tapped to create the music soundtrack for the upcoming Laverne Cox produced documentary movie Free CeCe that is in the crowdfunding stage.

Congrats Jordana!  can't wait to not only see that movie but hear the awesome soundtrack you're going to put together for it.  Also looking  forward to seeing what else is on the horizon for you.

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