Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Janet's Got A Talk Show!

Janet Mock on the set of her show "so popular"If you're wondering what Janet Mock has been up to lately, it's being a talk show host.

Janet's So Popular show is on the recently launched MSNBC Shift online network that was launched in December and is designed to appeal to the 16-34 demo in which television viewing has been dropping.

So Popular as you probably guessed is about popular culture, which Ms. Mock cut her teeth on as a former editor.

Janet Mock and guests on her showThe goal of her show as stated in the inaugural show broadcast?  

"To cover all things culture, from art and entertainment to literature and anything trending in the zeitgeist. Our goal is to discuss the things you pretend you're too smart to like, in an effort to expand the idea of what is considered political and worthy of analysis. Every Friday, we will have fun, we will be cheeky, we will mine the nuggets of truth from the cultural topics and experiences that consume our time and I will mess up the teleprompter often."

Knowing you Janet, I doubt that will happen very often, but I'll definitely be checking out So Popular and wish you much success with it.

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