Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What's Up With Tona's Carnegie Hall Gofundme Campaign?

20140326102843-1948211_431387440329938_1542690033_nTona Brown's upcoming historic Carnegie Hall concert in New York is one that promises to be one interesting and magical night three weeks from now at the Weill Recital Hall.

Because some promised corporate and organizational funding has yet to materialize and she couldn't waste any more time waiting for it to happen, 29 days ago Tona started a Gofundme crowdfunding campaign seeking to raise the additional $25,000 she would need to pay the balance of the money the Carnegie Hall folks requested and still put on a first class event.

I was stunned to see that as of this writing, she's only raised $325 dollars. 

This is outrageous to me when I see trans people with less melanin in their skin crowdfund that kind of cash for an SRS, top surgery or whatever other purpose no questions asked in less than a week, but you can't get off $5 or $10 dollars for a Black transwoman trying to have an event the entire trans community can be proud of. 

I'll bet if Tona's skin tone had less melanin in it she would have hit that fundraising target and then some a long ago and it would be all over the media about this 'groundbreaking concert for the transgender community'

Photo: This is the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, where our concert, with headliner Tona Brown, hostess Tammy Peay, and me, will happen on June 25.  It is beautiful almost beyond words.So what's up people?  It's not like you don't know what Tona is raising the money for because she been upfront and transparent about that.  So that leads me to ask the things that make you go hmm questions such as are other factors at work here that are keeping her from hitting the targeted goal?   

Is Tona Brown's Carnegie Hall concert not worthy of supporting and hitting her fundraising goal?

Because that's what you're saying to me and the trans communities of color at large when she's had this campaign up for 29 days now for a positive event and it has only raised as of this writing $325 dollars.

We have got to do better than this.    And note to the orgs that promised her funding and support and left our trans sister hanging, follow through with your promised commitments

The show is entitled 'From Stonewall to Carnegie Hall' and will feature works of African-American composers.  It will also discuss the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and the positive effects the transgender community have had on the TBLG human rights movement.

I not only want to see the Weill Recital Hall full on the June 25 night she does the 'From Stonewall To Carnegie Hall' concert, I want her to have the funds she needs to make sure it is a memorable night for all involved and cover any unforseen expenses.

So help her out with a donation and share this post to spread the word about this Gofundme campaign 


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