Monday, June 16, 2014

Trans Latinas Representing In Chicago

While much of Trans World was focused on the just concluded Philadelphia Trans Health Conference in Philly, some of our trans Latina sisters were in Chicago for the National Latin@ Network conference taking place that same week.  . 

Members of the TransLatin@ Coalition were in the house. They did a fabulous job as usual of representing themselves, our #girlslikeus community and looking flawless while presenting, networking  and getting their learn on.

One of the things we must keep doing is not only advocate for ourselves and our own human rights, but make it clear we trans folks also interact and intersect with other communities.

We are just as concerned about the other issues that affect the groups we intersect with, and the trans Latinas gave us a great example of role modeling this.

Thanks Trans Latin@ Coalition for stepping up and doing the Trans 101 educational work in the Latin@ community.  It's what we will need to happen for the entire trans human rights community to advance.    You also prove by doing so that trans people are an integral and intertwined part of the Latin@ community as well.

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