Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Another Tuesday, Another HERO Fight

Today may be the first Tuesday in June, but what this day actually is turning out to be is the first battle of the fight to keep our just passed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance from being rolled back by the faith-based bigots.   

It's the first Tuesday City Council comment session since the ordinance passed and went into effect on May 28.

Many of us on Team HERO had planned to go to City Council, thank Mayor Parker and the 10 council members who voted in favor of expanding rights for all Houstonians. But it looks like our haters also targeted this June 3 council meeting to express their HERO hatred.   They were frustrated that Team HERO dominated the chambers and the speaker counts 447-98.  Pro-HERO ministers outnumbered the anti-HERO hater ministers by a 2-1 margin and most importantly, we dominated the media optics during the HERO passage fight.  

Note to the HERO haters.  The city is still standing.  The Houston skies did not see fire and brimstone descend upon it.  The mayor and the ten council members who voted for passage didn't turn into pillars of salt.   The sun has continued to rise in the east and set in the west.  No Houston baker has been forced to bake a swastika cake against their will   Transpeople are using the bathrooms according to their outward gender presentation without incident. 

None of your parade of horribles has happened short of y'all showing your nekulturny asses and issuing death threats to Mayor Parker

And you faith based bigots are STILL on the wrong side of history.  You lied, you lost 11-6 and you need to get over it.  Houston is a much better city because that ordinance is on the books.  Your reprehensible behavior is our best evidence why the HERO needed to pass..

Discrimination's time has expired in my hometown, and I'm going to fight with every fiber of my being alongside Team HERO to keep it that way.  

So once again, if you can show up and show out and join me, Amelia, Dee Dee and Team HERO in Houston City Council chambers, I ask that you get there no later than noon CDT for the public comment session that will start at 1:30 PM

Remember, decline to sign for the next 30 days ANY petition that is thrust upon you for your signature.   The anti-HERO peeps need to collect  25,000 signatures to force a referendum.   

And yes peeps, for those of you not inside Beltway 8 or who can't make it, you can watch the proceedings once again by clicking on this link.

TransGriot Update: Turn out the spike in speakers was over a proposed transportation ordinance debating eideshare companies Uber and Lyft's entry into the Houston market.  No haters at City Hall, but members were surprised that members of our community would come to thank them for passing an ordinance. 


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