Monday, December 02, 2013

Happy Milestone Birthday Bree!

Gay News, Washington Blade, Bree Wallace, transgenderMy birthday is tomorrow not excited but grateful to see another year....My Lord is awesome......
--Bree Wallace, December 1, 2013

If the waste of DNA Michael McBride had gotten his way in the early morning hours of June 21, then 29 year old Bree Wallace's name would have been one of the 238 names we read at the 2013 Transgender Day of Remembrance memorials back on November 20. 

But instead the 23 year old McBride is in custody for attempting to stab her multiple times and is facing assault with intent to kill charges. 

After being hospitalized for and recovering from her over 30 stab wounds, Bree is celebrating her milestone 30th birthday today.

It is a birthday she is obviously grateful to have reached.   All her friends and family and the people who love and care about her in the Washington DC area and beyond feel the same way about it as she does.

Bree, Happy Milestone Birthday!   So happy you have reached the Big 3-0 one and I pray this is a birthday that will be filled with smiles as wide as Texas, lots of hugs, lots of love, and a launching pad for better birthdays to come. 

I hope that somebody at least hooks you up with a birthday mani and pedicure, dinner or whatever you wish to have happen on your special day. 

May you also be blessed to know what it's like to be as old as I am . 

One thing I hope Bree receives as a late birthday present is McBride being convicted and spending much time in jail for trying to take her life.  But that's me being angry, frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired of my transsisters being targeted and killed for just living their lives.    

Again, happy milestone birthday Bree!   May you not only have many more birthdays to come, but God bless you to reach more of your milestone birthdays as well. 

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