Friday, November 08, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Trans Inclusive ENDA Passed Edition

Thursday November 7, 2013 will be a proud day in trans history because of what happened in the United States Senate yesterday.

S. 815, the trans inclusive ENDA passed on a 64-32 vote!   It was twenty years of hard work and lobbying to get there, but our efforts STILL aren't done yet.  We have to get it out of a GOP obstructionist House and to President Obama's desk for his signature.

And if Speaker John Boehner won't allow it to come to a vote.   Then we handle our business next November and elect a congress an a speaker in Nancy Pelosi that will in 2014.

And as y'all know, it's Friday, and it's time for me to handle my usual business I engage in on this date and unveil this week's Shut Up Fool Award winner.

It's time to call out the fool,. fools or group of fools that did their best to exhibit mind numbing stupidity, rank hypocrisy or fall victim to their over hubris and arrogance. 

And thanks as always to you TransGriot readers who send me suggesstion and nominees for this week and every week's Shut Up Fool award winners.

So let's move on to determining this week's fool.

Honorable Mention number one is Don Lemon, who sipped on the Lemon-aid again and appeared to part his lips in a TJMS commentary to support Stop and Frisk, but was busted by a 2001 news report that noted that when he was put in the same situation in Philadelphia he sued

Honorable Mention number two the ironically named  Jessica Black of Craigsville, VA.who allowed her 7 year old son to dress up in a Klan KKKostume for Halloween and made it for him. 

Honorable Mention number three is Texas GOP AG Greg Abbott, who is considered the Teapublican front runner in the race to get the nomination for Texas governor now that Governor Goodhair is finally giving up the chair.

Homeboy has been pimping the Texas voter suppression law, filed two losing lawsuits to defend it and wasted no time after the SCOTUS whacked at the VRA to implement it.

Well, word got out that he was nearly not able to cast a ballot in Tuesdays election because of the Voter Suppression law he pushed, and it was only because of the affidavit provision he fought was able to cast a ballot.  

The affidavit provision of the law was conceived and pushed by his opponent in the 2014 Texas governor's race, Sen Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) 

Karma is not only a you know what, she weards a dress and heels (snicker snicker) 

Honorable mention number four goes to Honolulu Police office and Hawaii Police Union President Tenari Maafala.  Hawaii is enduring major drama around a special session called by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) to pass a marriage equality bill.  This fool parted his lips to say during a hearing on the bill that you 'would have to kill him' before he would enforce a marriage equality law. 

Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson (TBI)
Our SUF winner this week is Greenbrier, TN mayor and fire chief Billy Wilson, who was arrested by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and charged with stealing $60,000 of Toys For Tots money.  It's a charity that provides toys to poor children and helps families pay utility bills during the holiday season and is not affiliated with the more widely known US Marine Corps sponsored one (thank God)

The GOP is always claiming there's a War on Christmas, and they are the peeps waging it.

And yeah Rep. Paul Ryan, question for you. Is Billy Wilson a Maker or a Taker?  What I do know is that he's lower than an amoeba for stealing money that will help needy children and their families and there's nothing he can say to justify it. 

Billy Wilson, shut up you grinch, er fool.     

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