Friday, November 22, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-It's TDOR 2013 Edition

It's TDOR Week, and in the runup to the 15th Anniversary memorial events on November 20, I was honored to have had the opportunity to take part in two on opposite ends of I-10 in Houston and San Antonio exactly 24 hours apart.

While we took the time to mourn the 238 people we lost this tear to anti-trans violence, we also used this week to educate, build community, thank our allies, supportive family and friends and resolve to own our power and do what it takes to ensure we see some kind of reduction in that level of anti-trans violence sooner rather than later.|

It also meant a busy week for me with a radio interview, participation in two TDOR events 24 hours apart in Houston and San Antonio, and seeing two posts I wrote for this day go viral.

And that you for attending, participating in and or supporting the TDOR events near you.

And now, let's segue from remembering our people who died to remembering the people who did whatever it took to get our attention for this week's TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.  

I get to shine a bright spotlight every Friday on the fool fool or goup of foold that display mind numbing stupidity, over the top hubris, and jaw dropping hypocrisy.

And let's get busy determining this week's winner that I pondered on the clouding wet and cold bus ride home.

Honorable Mention number one goes to cisfeminine WMMA fighter Ashlee Evans-Smith and sore winner who handed Fallon Fox her first loss in the octagon and still threw transphobic shade afterward. 

Honorable Mention number two goes to Greg Abbott, the GOP bote suppressing, tort reform for 'errbody except me' AG who tried to paint Sen Wendy Davis as "Satan".  

Keep flapping your gums and running that Clayton Williams GOP gubernatorial campaign playbook.  Cecile Richards can tell you how well that worked.     
Honorable Mention number three is Uncle Ruckus Jesse Lee Peterson.   That Oreo cookie chomping conservaknee-grow channelled his inner Stepin Fetchit and thanked white people for slavery.  

Where's the D.R.O.P Squad when you need them?     

Honorable Mention number four is Lorenzo Garcia, the president of the UT Young Conservafools.   He's proof positive that sellouts aren't just an African-American problem.  Garcia also has connections with the Abbott campaign and on the heel of the 'Affirmative Action Bake Sale, his racist organization were sponsoring a 'Catch an illegal Immigrant' game on the UT campus in order to 'foster discussion on the immigration issue.   He fostered a discussion alright, just not the one he expected.   He is now whining because the UT administration and the Latin@ community is righteously blasting his azz about it.

Honorable Mention number five is Hawaii State Rep. Tom Brower, whose solution to homelessness is to use a sledgehammer on the belongings of the homeless people on Honolulu's streets. 

Guess which party he belongs to?   If you said Republicans, psyche.   He's a DINO.

Somebody in the Hawaiian Democratic Party please primary challenge this fool.

The envelope please.   Thank you Mr. T.: 

This week's winner is freshman Rep. Trey Radel, (R-FL).  He voted to drug test all food stamp recipients in the GOP Farm Bill that died in the Senate, but got busted during a DC police sting for buying cocaine in DuPont Park   Never mind the Florida program this money wasting conservaidea is based on in his home state has been an utter failure there and everywhere else it's been tried.    

He claimed he was a Hip Hop Conservative (whatever the hell that is) and in his 2012 campaign ads claimed that
he’d bring American values to Washington, “Values that come with integrity, especially when we talk about cuts.”  

Yeah dude,  seems like the only cuts you have been making is lines in a pile of cocaine.

Rep. Trey Radel, shut up fool!

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