Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday Sellout-Mia Love

Republican Rising Star Mia Love:<br />
More of the Same?Our latest edition of the TransGriot Saturday Sellout series of posts takes us to Utah and shines the spot on one Ludmya Bourdeau Love, the Mormon teabagging mayor of Sandy Springs, UT who came 786 uncomfortable votes short of unseating longtime Utah Democratic moderate Jim Matheson in 2012 and becoming the first African-descended female ever to be elected to Congress as a Republican

She's already declared and will be making another attempt to unseat Rep Matheson in 2014, so for those of you living in Utah's 4th Congressional District, get ready to do you part to ensure Jim Matheson is still representing you on November 4, 2014. .

Love is the other female face along with Angela McGlowan the Tea Klux Klan gleefully likes to put out there to 'prove' to us reality based African-Americans that their movement is diverse and not racist.  

Yeah, right. We know better.   As Zora Neale Hurston admonished us a long time ago, all our skinfolk ain't our kinfolk. 

It is by their policies they support ye shall know them, and Love promotes the same jacked up policies that her fellow Republifools promote. 

Her Haitian born parents are immigrants to this nation but she is anti-immigration and supports deportation.   

She has proposed eliminating the federally subsidized school lunch program and the funding that supports special education in public schools. She wants to halve the Earned Income Tax Credit that keeps millions of working people out of poverty, and she would radically slash housing subsidies that keep millions of poor people off the streets.

And even more disturbing, Love stated in 2012 that if she was elected, she would try to dismantle the Congressional Black Caucus.   Not no but hell no to that idea of dismantling the 'Conscience of the Congress'. 

Pretty Black face, same conservative cookie chomping bull feces that deserves a doll worthy of her policies. 

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