Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rep. Alan Grayson Told The Truth (Again) And The Conservafools Can't Handle It

AP alan grayson website nt 131024 16x9 608 Grayson Ratchets Up Tea Party KKK Flap Saying The Truth Hurts
I've been amused by the conservafool freak out happening because Rep Alan Grayson (D-FL) called out the Tea Klux Klan in a fundraising flyer that substitutes a burning cross for the 'T' in Tea Party. 

I've called them the Tea Klux Klan for years and approve of Rep Grayson's message and love the fact he isn't backing down from what he said or apologizing for it. 

“I’m calling them out for their hate,” Grayson said. “That’s not wrong. That needs to be done. It’s the only way to end it.” 

He also went a step further by calling out the Tea Party Tea Klux Klan for being engaged in hate speech, prejudice, discrimination, racism and even warned that they could resort to violence.

Now comes the predictable play of the butthurt Tea Klux Klan - sending out their knee-grow auxiliary sellouts as human shields to defend them and their off the charts racism.

Jesse Lee Peterson shuffled out from whatever SoCal rock he was holed up under to laughably demand that Rep Grayson 'apologize to conservative Black and independents', then threw out in his press release statement attacking liberal progressive Black as 'being on the Democrat plantation.'.

That house knee-grow needs to have an Oreo cookie and a nice tall glass of STFU.   

Rep Grayson was correct when he said, "I stand by the unfortunate truth that the Tea Party has been all too willing to open itself and be a home to bigots, and prejudice now, for years. That’s the unfortunate truth we all have to live with. I stand by that.”

And it's a truth they can't and don't want to come to grips with.  The Tea Party is a cesspool of racism. That fact was true in 2010, it was true in 2011, it was true in 2012 and it's true right now. 

If you conservatives don't want to be called racists and bigots, stop acting in ways that leave non-whites and our allies no choice but to call you out and correctly describe you as racists and bigots. 

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