Thursday, November 07, 2013

Post Number 1000 in 2013!

Considering I had an unplanned writing break when Computer Prime had to go to the shop for repairs, the fact I hit 1000 posts this year with over a month to go isn't surprising.  

It;s the fourth consecutive year I've hit this mark since I started the blog in 2006.  I can confidently predict with 2014 being a midterm election year, I won't have any problem reaching that number of posts next year either. 

Thanks once again for all you loyal TransGriot readers around the world who take time out of your busy lives to surf by the blog, read my take on the world around us, get a little knowledge about trans issues, comment, suggest stories, send links to events I may have missed, and even drop a little change in the TransGriot Tip Jar from time to time.

We'll see how many posts I finish the year with..  

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