Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moni's Getting On The Bus-To San Antonio

Moni's doing another road trip, and this time I'm hitting I-10 west for the first time in a long time to San Antonio. 

This will be the first time I've spent time inside Bexar County and the San Antonio city limits since 1981

However, I did drive through the Alamo City on my way to and from California in 1988 and 1992

The reason I'm on the Megabus this time is I'm headed to San Antonio to speak at their Transgender Day of Remembrance event that's taking place at MCC San Antonio

MCC San Antonio is located at 611 E. Myrtle St and the event will start at 7 PM 

Like the Dallas bus trip a few months ago, looking forward to seeing how much the scenery's changed since I last made that journey between Houston and San Antonio and it's safe to say a lot since I was last there.

Besides the Alamodome and the AT&T Center, another thing that will be different from the last time I was in San Antonio in April 1981 is that instead of losing to the NBA Finals bound 40-42 Rockets in seven games (and me and my collegiate friends were loudly cheering that development in our hotel room), the Spurs have morphed into a perennial championship caliber squad with 4 NBA championship trophies of their own and should have had a fifth.   They are favorites to get to the NBA Finals again, but we'll see how that plays out over the 2013-14 NBA season.    

San Antonio is also the second largest city in Texas with over 1.3 million people population wise and a recently passed non-discrimination ordinance that covers gender identity and sexual orientation on the books.

But one of the things that hasn't changed is that San Antonio has a vibrant trans community with a proud history of activism, achievement, beloved icons and up and coming activists.  One of those icons I knew personally in former TATS president Michelle C. Myers, died this year on June 17 and part of their ceremony will take time to remember her. 

I also used to talk to on a regular basis Christie Lee Littleton before I moved to Da Ville and eventually lost contact with her.  Hope she's coming to the memorial tonight so I can give her a big hug and catch up on what's new in her life. 

I'm also looking forward to meeting many of the members of the San Antonio trans community and their allies while I'm in the Alamo City and hope to see you at the TDOR memorial tonight  

If the bus leaves on schedule, see y'all in a few hours, San Antonio.

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