Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's Election Day 2013-Handle Your Electoral Business

It's Election Day in many parts of the country including the Houston area.

Unfortunately I won't be able to participate in today's Houston's city election due to unforeseen complications in getting my TDL combined with the Texas Voter ID Suppression law, but for those of you in the community who can, I urge you to do so. 

And yeah, I'm not only highly pissed off about that revolting development, Republican Party, that pissivity about my electoral voice being silenced for this election cycle guarantees I will be a living embodiment of my personal motto next November.  

What is that personal motto you ask?   Don't get mad at GOP led oppression, do something about it.  

You can bet I'll be the first person in line October 2014 when early voting starts for the midterms next year.  I will be doing my part to turn this state, the governor's mansion, the Texas legislature and the US House blue and keep it that way. 

But back to focusing on Election Day 2013.   

In addition to the Houston mayoral  race in which Annise Parker will be attempting to be reelected to her third and final term as our city's mayor, we have city council elections on the ballot and bond issues on the ballot including whether to spend the money to refurbish and repurpose the nearly half century old Astrodome.

We also have Jenifer Rene Pool attempting to make Houston, Texas and national history by making her second attempt to become the first out transperson elected to public office here in the Houston City Council at Large Position 3 city council race.     

The polls are open, so handle your electoral business if you have the ability to do so.  Because I can tell you from painful personal experience that nothing is more frustrating than wanting to exercise your constitutional right to vote and you can't because of a bull feces laden and racist conservalaw.

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