Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day 2013

Today is Thanksgiving Day, which we give thanks for all the blessings that we have received this year and spend time with family and loved ones.

One of the blessings I have received is your love and support for my blog.   You tell me when I'm out and about in the community just how much you appreciate what I do.

And I thank those of you who from time to time will drop change on the TransGriot Tip Jar.
The holidays are usually the toughest time for trans and LGB pees who may be estranged from their blood families, so let's be extra vigilant during this time of year to reach out to out TBLG peeps who may be emotionally vulnerable.

For those of you who aren't around your families and lamenting that, don't.   The best way to deal with that situation is create your own family chock full of the people who love, honor and appreciate you in their lives. During this holiday season break bread with your chosen family and create holiday memories with them..

And if you're feeling down or depressed, call someone.   Suicide is never the answer.  Your best revenge is to live your life and be radically successful at it in terms you define.

So Happy Thanksgiving Day!    I'm going to take the day off to hang out with the peeps who love and appreciate me, and will be back tomorrow to carve up some jive turkeys in my weekly Shut Up Fool post.

But if I feel moved to write something  or some breaking news happens that I must get out there, you'll see something today on the blog. 

But until then, see ya tomorrow.     

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