Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ask A Trans Attracted Man 8-Tyson And Ines Photos

Last week the Net blew up talking about the steamy nude photos that supermodel Tyson Beckford took with rising fashion model Ines Rau.

The Paris born beauty recently revealed she was trans in a Models.com interview.

Of course the nekulturny cesspool of Black gossip blogs that traffic in transphobia for hits (and they know who they are 'Sandra' Rose and Bossip) had their usual transphobic crap to say in reaction to it

As part of my efforts to support the brothers who love trans women, I have been posting Troy's series of videos at TransGriot discussing the issues trans attracted men deal with because I believe as he does the stigma surrounding trans attracted men needs to die quick, fast and expeditiously.

I'll save my thoughts about that issue for a future post, but now, here's Troy


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