Monday, October 07, 2013

Uh Oh-The SCOTUS Is In Session

When I last had a chance to vent about the US Supreme Court, I was highly pissed along with many other African-Americans about the 5-4 conservafool majority decision in the Shelby case that eviscerated Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

And what incensed me even further was that once again Uncle Thomas was eagerly living up to his 'honorary white man' status Pat Buchanan bestowed him with by voting in lockstep per usual with Antonin Scalia  

The conservafools in Texas and NC within hours of that unjust SCOTUS decision passed or implemented voter suppression laws that US Attorney General Eric Holder is now suing them over using Section 2 of the law.

Texas GOP AG Greg Abbott implementing the unjust Voter Suppression law that was blocked in court prior to the Shelby decision is a major reason I'm supporting Wendy Davis for governor.

It's the first Monday in October, and the Roberts Court is now back in session for another term that will last until June 2014.   What cases will the Court hear during this term so the conservative justices can roll back the human rights of African-Americans again?

We also come into this new 2013-14 term with three of the justices in their middle 70's and liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg turning 80 years old.  Conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are both 77 and liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is 75.  

So when is the next SCOTUS vacancy going to pop up that President Obama will have a chance to fill and who will he appoint to do so?   Will he appoint an African-American woman to fill it or will he go with someone from the Native American, Asian or Latino community if that happens?. 

It'll need to happen by 2015 because after that, there is no way a SCOTUS justice nominee, especially if its one of the conservative ones being replaced by a moderate to liberal nominee to FINALLY change the balance our way will get confirmed during a presidential election year and the last of President Obama's term as much as the GOP foaming at the mouth hates him.

But once again we'll have to keep an eye on developments from the Supreme Court building that have just as much if not more impact on our lives than any legislation coming from Capitol Hill or executive orders from the White House.

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