Saturday, October 05, 2013

Republican Governors Behaving Badly

Why am I not surprised when I hear about governors behaving badly, they predominately carry the GOP label?

Whether it's New Jersey governor Chris Christie crapping on teachers, Paul LePage in Maine telling the NAACP to kiss his butt,  Robert Bentley telling people in Alabama from the pulpit of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church that if you aren't a Christian you aren't his brother or sister, Nikki Haley of South Carolina and John Kasich of Ohio having all white administrations, Rick Perry and Pat McCrory in North Carolina presiding over the implementation of Jim Crow 2.0 in North Carolina, the Republican party and its governors have basically exceeded the expectations of the people who didn't want their behinds in power in the first place.

And don't even get me started talking about Governor Goodhair, AKA Rick Perry in my home state or Bobby Jindal in Louisiana.

The Republican governors so far have been racist, boorish, corporatist and as nekulturny as they can be, and it shouldn't be surprising since many of them were swept into office thanks to the Tea Klux Klan and the ugly 2010 midterm election.  McCrory was elected in North Carolina last year in the Republican anger and backlash over narrowly being won by President Obama in 2008.

So what to do about these GOP governors behaving badly?  Make sure you're at the polls in massive numbers in the next election cycle to get rid of them.

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