Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy Second Anniversary Of Your 25th Birthday, Isis!

October 1 is a day that's burned in the TransGriot memory banks for a lot of reasons, but one of the major ones is because it is the birthday of my fabulous fashion designing and groundbreaking model little sis Isis King!

Wasn't going to let today pass without giving her the usual blog birthday shout out.  

She is still one busy lady.   Isis is continuing to fulfill that prophetic statement I made about her in the open letter I wrote to her back in 2008 when she first got our collective attention due to her appearance on America's Next Top Model 

She's designing the wedding dress for her sister and is the Maid of Honor in her sister's wedding, and is happily living her life. 

Next time my butt is in the New York metro area I do hope to FINALLY meet her instead of having to be satisfied with talking to her on the phone from time to time.

And yes, you are STILL a beautiful butterfly spreading your wings, flying and continuing to evolve into a classy young woman both inside and out.  You also continue to be an inspiration to all of us and I'm very proud of you.

Happy birthday, Isis!   May you have many more. 

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