Friday, October 04, 2013

BTAC 2014 Call For Proposals

Black Transmen, IncI had such a wonderful time at the second annual BTMI 2013 conference in addition to delivering a keynote speech for it

Now that I know the date and location for it, I'm making plans to attend the renamed Black Trans Advocacy Conference 2014 in Dallas, TX from April 30-May 4. 

The third annual event will be at the Doubletree-Campbell Center once again which is on the North Central Expressway near North Park Mall, the DART Orange and Red light rail lines and has shuttle bus service to and from the nearby Park Lane DART light rail station to the hotel.

And oh yeah, did I mention there's an In-N-Out Burger location two blocks south from the hotel on the North Central Expressway feeder?  And yeah Sean, I owe you a reciprocal spades butt licking and will be bringing my dominoes and backgammon case with me, too

I'm mentioning all this stuff because the date for BTAC 2014 is rapidly approaching and the call for proposals is being made for this rapidly growing and eagerly anticipated event taking place in Dallas. 

I'm also curious to see who gets the award named for me after I teach a seminar at BTAC 2014. 

Nice segue into what this post is about, an announcement for you peeps who wish to attend BTAC 2014 can start thinking about your possible seminar presentations when the submissions page goes online.

And yeah, goes without saying the BTAC organizers would like a diverse crowd in attendance, too.  If you want to learn about my Black trans community, need to be at events where we gather and talk about our issues, especially since the 2014 BTAC conference theme is One Earth. One People. One Love     


BTAC 2014 Conference Info, Registration, Sponsorship Package & Call for Proposals will be available online October 2013!

Conference Theme:
One Earth. One People. One Love
2014 Workshop Dates: April 30/ May 1/ May 2 / May 3

We are looking for creative and engaging workshop proposals that will help to educate an audience inclusive of the LGBT community about gender, sex, sexuality and social change to help reinforce our BTMI mission of equality, advocacy & empowerment.

We are interested in proposals that are aligned with our conference theme and may cover topics included in our BTMI program areas: Identity, Culture, Religion, Family, Health, Wealth, Careers, Education, Business, Legal, Community and Youth Services.


Trans Spouse
Trans Aging Adults
Trans & HIV Positive
Trans Masculine (Stud/Butch)
Youth & Family
Trans Ally

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