Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Texas Conservafool Was Editing Your Child's Textbooks

I was already pissed off about Hardin County Republibigot Peter Morrison and his 'maggots' comment in reference to those of us who voted to give President Obama a well deserved second term.

But the more I find out about this waste of DNA, the more I go into Maya Wilkes mode concerning him.

Morrison is not only a Paulista (strike one), he edits a racist newsletter called the Morrison Report that is republished on Tea Klux Klan and fundie evangelical websites. (strike two).

Bu the most alarming thing about this 33 year old bigot is that he was tapped by the former chair of the Texas State Board of Indoctrination Education Don McLeroy to screen Texas public school textbooks.. (strike three)

yep, a man who has called other Texans 'maggots' and who angrily accused Asian-Americans and Hispanics who backed Obama of voting on an "ethnic basis" was editing your kids textbooks.

Peter, stop projecting because your white hood is showing.  The only reason you peeps voted for Mitt Romney's clearly unqualified behind for POTUS is because you share the same 'ethnic basis' with him..  

Liberal progressive Texans, we need to get busy with the project of turning Texas blue ASAP.

And yeah, you're definitely a nominee for this week's Shut Up Fool award..

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