Friday, November 02, 2012

Shut Up Fool Awards-Fall Back 2012 Edition

Early Sunday morning daylight savings time ends in the United States, so at 2 AM you get to turn those clocks back and get an extra hour of partying or sleep.

That also means I have to remember to write the CST abbreviation behind my posts for the next few months as well.

Something else I remembered along with you TransGriot readers is that today is Friday, and that means it's time to reveal this week's edition of the Shut Up Fool Awards.

Every Friday since January 2009 I shine a bright spotlight on the fool, fool or group of fools who went out of their way to prove how jaw-droppingly ignorant they are or lacking in basic common sense and knowledge, and it's my duty to call their azzes out.

So let's get right to it..

Honorable mention number one goes to that teabagging humanitarian Rep Steve King, (R-IA) 

Please Christine Vilsack, beat his azz on Tuesday and remove this fool from Congress.

Honorable mention number two goes to Michael Brown, FEMA director under GW Bush who had the nerve to open his mouth and criticize the current director for responding too quickly to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

Dude, you need to drink a 2 liter sized bottle of shut the hell up because you have no room to criticize anybody after the 'heck of a job' you did during Katrina.

Honorable mention number three goes to Fox Noise's John Stossel who is still pimping the free market Kool-Aid by stating on O'Reilly's show "Government shouldn't rebuild after disasters, it should be "free, private individuals who have the money.

Yo John, where is that rush of free, private individual money?  Oh yeah, being wasted trying to oust President Obama from office.

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is radfem Roseanne Barr for letting fly with transphobic tweets, crying white women's tears about it after she got called out on them by me and countless other peeps in the trans community, and then doubling down on the insults and some weird conflation of NAMBLA.

.Roseanne Barr, shut up fool!

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