Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ohio Handling Its Early Voting Electoral Business

Umm Republifools, this is probably your worst nightmare unfolding with lines of pissed off African-Americans and other voters waiting for the early voting centers to open at 8 AM EDT.

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) was on The Ed Show last night camping out in front of one of the locations in Cuyahoga County giving another one of her fiery and inspirational speeches dropping much historical knowledge about how much we've had to struggle just to be able to cast a ballot.. 

Looking forward to seeing her in Congress, the US Senate or a larger statewide office in Ohio one day..

The 44 year old state senator has been a frequent guest on MSNBC shows calling out the voter suppression efforts in Ohio   

"Never did I think I would live to see the day Jim Crow was resurrected, making repeat appearances in the South. And he has packed his bags, and he has moved North. Something is wrong."

Yep, something is most definitely wrong, and thanks Sen. Turner for being a vocal champion that frequently calls out the jacked up Jim Crow 2.0 GOP voter suppression efforts in Ohio. 

Now it's up to you voters in Ohio to let the GOP know how displeased you are about it by handling your electoral business, helping President Obama win the state and dealing a fatal blow to Romney's chances of winning this presidential election since no Republican has ever won the White House without your state's electoral votes..

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