Wednesday, November 02, 2011

If Corporations Are People...

As Mitt Romney and other Republicans like to claim they are, where are the birth certificates?

Tell me who are the parents for Whirlpool?   What hospital was Koch Industries born at?    Who was the attending physician when Chik-Fil-A took its first breaths on the planet?   If Morgan Stanley is a US citizen, is that corporation male or female? 

And let's take it still further.  If corporations are people, and you can tell me their genders and show me their birth certificates, then under DOMA two male corporations and two female corporations can't get married (or merge) in the US and many other countries..

If corporations are people, should be easy for y'all conservafools to answer those questions and show us the supporting documentation in terms of the birth certificates and marriage certificates..

Where's Orly Taitz or Donald Trump when you need them? 

And oh yeah, since corporations are people, we want to see the long form birth certificates of these corporations.   No facsimiles or copies will be accepted..

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