Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Believe

Time for some church up here in TransGriot.  

I am a Christian, and I'm naming and proclaiming it in this post because I'm beyond sick and tired of people in the TBLG community attacking all Christians and mocking our faith.  

If you're pissed off at the right wingers who have wrapped themselves in the cross, the flag and the Bible to attack you, take it up with those fools. .

Direct that hateraid at the people who are attacking you, not your rainbow family members who are on your side and who do believe that there is a higher power greater than ourselves that is a force for good in the world and not evil.

For many of us, especially who are non-white transpeople, that faith has gotten us through difficult periods in our transitions, and attacking it is tantamount to you disrespecting us and spitting in our faces. 

If you want me to respect your faith choices including not having one, then you must respect mine.

And on that note, let me allow you to ponder what I just wrote.   You can do so while listening to the music of the Jam and Lewis produced Sounds Of Blackness.   This song 'I Believe' is lead vocalized by Ann Nesby. 

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