Saturday, November 19, 2011

ESPN College GameDay On Campus

The ESPN College GameDay crew is on the University of Houston campus for the first time ever, and UH Cougar Nation, the campus, alums and the city is hyped because of it.

As the Vice President would characterize it, it is a BFD to us longsuffering UH football fans.

The stage has been set up in Cullen Center and the 300 person standing room only area behind the stage opened at 6 AM CST for the broadcast that will be cranking up at 8 AM CST in advance of today's 2:30  PM kickoff against the SMU Mustangs.

Today's game also happens to be Senior Day and it's sold out.    

I'll be on the UH campus later this evening for more serious business, but definitely will be getting up a little earlier than I normally do on a Saturday to watch the fun transpiring on my alma mater's campus..

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