Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colorado Transteens Battling Bathroom Drama

Colorado is one of the states that has had a trans protective rights law on the books since 2008 but it seems like some of the haters and the clueless haven't gotten the message yet.

First it was Bobbi Montoya and her request to join a Girl Scout troop being denied and now this latest drama over the porcelain throne room.

16 year old transteen Dionne Malikowski and her friend 16 year old transman Kurt Peters are catching flack from Fort Collins High School officials over the bathroom..

She and Kurt were asked to use the staff restrooms, but as Dionne pointed out, staff bathrooms are not spread out over the entire school campus and when you gotta go, you gotta go.  Dionne used a non staff bathroom and was suspended for three days from school because of it.    Kurt was in the same situation but was only given a warning. 

What do they want them to do, pee in the hallways if they aren't near a staff bathroom? .

"I cried," Malikowski said in a KUSA-TV9 interview . "I told them that it was really messed up for them to do that to me, and they were like, 'We've warned you before,' and I was just like, 'Obviously you don't understand what it's like.'"

They sure don't, Dionne.

The Poudre School District says there is not an across-the-board policy for bathroom use by transgender students.  

Well, here's a suggestion for you.  If the transteen in question is presenting as female, they go to the female restroom.  If they present as male, they go to the male restroom.

It's so simple even the GEICO caveman can comprehend it.

Fort Collins High School and Poudre School District, let my transpeople pee and stop the transphobic hassling of these transteens over the fracking bathroom.   You can't live up to your district's motto of Educate Every Child Every Day if you're sending transkids home on suspension because they used the bathroom appropriate to their gender presentation.

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