Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Carrier Classic

Caught the inaugural Carrier Classic Game in San Diego between Michigan State and number one ranked North Carolina that was played on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson and witnessed by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  

Both teams wore camouflage patterned uniforms and the jerseys all had USA on the back instead of the players names on them.  It was paused for a moment for the lowering of the flag.   Honorary captains Magic Johnson for Michigan state and James Worthy for North Carolina were there along with several iconic Tar Heel players who were able to attend due to the NBA lockout.     

It was a nice way to spend Veterans Day and the Carrier Classic will happen again.  Arizona and UConn have already agreed to play in the 2012 game with a tentative date set of November 9.   

I also like the idea Dick Vitale suggested during the game of making it a doubleheader and having the service academy teams involved.

The USS Carl Vinson was the carrier from which the SEAL Team 6 mission to take out Osama bin Laden was launched back in May and they conducted his burial at sea from its flight deck.  It was interesting seeing a 7000 seat basketball court set up on the flight deck of this ship and the game that was played on it.

North Carolina justified that preseason number one ranking and won the game 67-55 to claim the trophy, but the real winners were all the personnel on the USS Carl Vinson who got to witness this.

It's also a nice way to kick off the college basketball season.   

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