Friday, December 10, 2010

I Don't Hate White People, I Hate Whiteness And White Supremacy

One of the things I get tired of hearing from vanilla flavored detractors who have no rational intellectual argument to rebut me with when I call out the racism and erasure of POC's in various spaces and in our culture is the specious claim that 'I hate white people'.

Nope, you're mistaken.   I don't hate white people.       

The people who have me in their life as a friend know me much better than you stuck on conservastupid peeps or ones who have failed to acknowledge your privilege and epic fail of your arguments. .

That's your vanilla scented impression because you ain't liking the fact I'm not chomping on the societal white chocolate candy bars you keep wanting to dish out.    We persons of color learned a long time ago that the doctrines of whiteness and white supremacy are hazardous to our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Being proud of my African heritage, calling your vanilla flavored behinds out on your continued racist hijinks, pointing out the erasure of POC"s from our culture, shining a bright light on the insidious nature of whiteness, how it operates in our culture and negatively impacts people of color does not compute to Moni hating white people

So no, I don't hate white people.  I loathe the doctrines of white supremacy and whiteness that underpin much of the discrimination, racial disharmony and discord in our society.    The fact that you detractors are determined to forget that racism=prejudice plus power doesn't help either.

And oh yeah, Renee's Rule applies to this post as well.  

What's Renee's Rule?   If it ain't about you, don't make it about you. .

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