Friday, December 03, 2010

Canada's Bill C-389 Update IV

Mercedes Allen has a post up at her blog Dented Blue Mercedes about the latest news with Trans Rights Bill C-389, the Private Member's Bill sponsored by NDP MP Bill Siksay.

It's about to go into its third reading and first hour of debate in the Canadian House of Commons on December 7 and after that will come up for a vote in early 2011.

If it passes the House, it will then go to the Canadian Senate where the process will start all over again, and should it pass the Canadian Senate, once it receives the formality of Royal Assent it will become law.

For you north of the border TransGriot readers, keep pounding on your MP's and urge them to pass C-389.
For those of us south of the border, all w can do is watch, wait, give our trans cousins moral support and pray the Canadian parliament does the right thing by their trans citizens.

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