Friday, July 23, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards- Is It Football Season Yet? Edition

One of the surest signs that fall is approaching in the Lone Star State is the appearance of Dave Campbell's Texas Football on magazine racks everywhere in the Lone Star State and beyond its larger than France sized borders.

The Astros having a less than stellar season combined with the anticipation in the wake of the Texans first winning season since they started NFL play in 2002, the UH Cougars reasserting themselves in the national rankings, and the high quality high school ball in the area has many of us here in H-town ready for baseball season to be over and letting the pigskin games begin.

That's a nice segue into this week's SUF awards. Time to kick butt, take names and see what foll, fools or group of fools distinguished themselves in making themselves look stupid enough to earn our illustrious award.

Let's face it, there's no contest this week. It's Andrew Breitbart.

This conservafool has been posting lies, race baiting and and conservasmearing people and liberal progressive organizations for years, and was front and center in the campaign that took down ACORN.

His latest campaign cost an innocent woman her job,and now that his smear campaign has begun to unravel, refuses to apologize.

The Shirley Sherrod controversy was designed to smear the NAACP and the Obama administration, but it may have the opposite effect of finally being the nail in the coffin for the MSM taking Fox News and right wing smearmongers such as Breitbart as credible news sources.

And to Ms. Sherrod, who was unduly harmed by the conservasmear campaign, please sue his and Fox 'News' azzes.

Andrew Breitbart, shut the hell up fool!

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