Friday, June 11, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards-FIFA World Cup Is Starting Edition

Starting today, half the world's television sets will be tuned in to the start of the FIFA World Cup tournament from South Africa.

For the next month we'll be watching on ESPN in the States to see which nation emerges from the month long competition to take home FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Will it be Brazil, who has won it a record five times and will host the 2014 World Cup tournament? Will it be Italy, who has won it four times? The Germans, who are looking to take their fourth title after failing to do so on home turf in 2006?

Or will it be a Cinderella national squad that puts together a nice run that carries them to an upset victory.

The tournament starts today with the host South Africans taking on Mexico. There's another matchup with former FIFA champions in Uruguay vs France.

It's Friday, and we'll now move on to determine what fool, fools or group of fools exhibited world championship level stupidity to receive our coveted award this week.

We had the usual peeps such as Beck, Palin, and O'Reilly, Rand Paul, and Sharon Angle. British Polluters got suggested for a group award for all the 'Baghdad Bob' like spin coming out of their mouths since this tragedy started unfolding 50 days ago.

But our winner is Rep. Don Young (R-AK) who said this on the House floor in regards to the Deepwater Horizon spill.

“This is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again because it is a national phenomena. Oil has seeped into this ocean for centuries, will continue to do it. During World War II there was over 10 million barrels of oil spilt from ships, and no natural catastrophe. … We will lose some birds, we will lose some fixed sealife, but overall it will recover.”

Um, didn't have one in your home state courtesy of the Exxon Valdez spill which until this one was the worst in US history?

And oh yeah, the oil seepage into the Atlantic and Gulf during World War II was caused by German U-boats SINKING tankers.

And this conservafool not only thinks global warming is a scam, but has a strange definition for 'natural phenomena'.

I guess an oil rig that blows up and kills 11 people is a 'natural phenomenon' in GOP Bizarro world.

Rep. Don Young, shut up fool!

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