Monday, August 31, 2009

Kerry Washington-More Video

Here's more Kerry Washington video promoting Life Is Hot In Cracktown (which I have yet to see since I'm not in a major city.

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ginasf said...

Hmmm, the producer says, "I didn't want her for the role because she was too beautiful". Okay, in other words, he wanted someone who was more 'transgender looking' and therefore, not as beautiful?

I give Kerry W. props for respecting the character and community she's portraying, but I still have issues about them not using an actual transwoman for the role. And I'm sick of hearing about 'acting ability'... a transwoman could bring an authenticity, wit and depth to that part as no cis-actress could. Just as I thought Transamerica was cheapened by having a ciswoman portray the main character no matter how good an actress Felicity Huffman is. Why is it European films about transpeople have no problem using actual transpeople but the US needs to use "real actors"?