Monday, June 08, 2009

Dear Haters II

Dear Haters,
If you were expecting your transphobic laced commentary on the Pink Sheep Of The Family post to be approved, you are part of the moronic sheeple who watch too much Fox News and are divorced from reality.

This is my cyberhome, and only rational commentary gets posted on the blog. The best part about it is I get to define rational.

Obviously you have personal insecurity and self-esteem issues about your gender identity on a deep level. Cisgender people who are secure in their gender identity and sexual orientation aren't bothered by the presence of transpeople on this planet.

If you pick up a science magazine every now and then, you'll soon discover that gender in the animal kingdom isn't as immutable as you haters think it is.

The only people who would actually sit down at their computer and leave a despicable comment like you did are people whose comfort in their personal sense of manhood or womanhood is shaky at best.

Maybe you didn't read the post, so I'll skip to the heart of it since you and your ilk seem to have the brain and penis size of an atom.

The bottom line is that transpeople exist. The moral arc of history in terms of transpeople gaining first class citizenship in our various countries is inexorably on our side. You and your ilk are on the same side of the legions of groups like the Ku Klux Klan and other proud conservatives throughout world history who opposed the march of humanity, social and societal progress, and common sense.

I suggest you peeps get some therapy to deal with those lingering self esteem issues that are keeping you from having regular dates and intimacy with anyone other than plastic dolls.

And as for your ludicrous assertion that no one will ever accept us as the women and men transpeople were born to be but unfortunately were stuck in the wrong bodies, you are about as off base as Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the people you get your tired talking points from.

Maybe no one who's a white male conservative 'christian' will accept me and my trans brothers and sisters, but Real Christians, real people of other faiths and a vast majority of compassionate thinking people do.

My own story and the stories of countless others blow your diatribe to smithereens.

For every person who doesn't accept me, I have ten who do. I have the respect of my employers. I have sistahfriends and friends across the spectrum who see me as nothing but the tall proud sistah I am and was born to be.

So get thee behind me cyber Satan. You've built a Berlin Wall around your heart and mind that renders you incapable of expressing compassion, love and human decency to another human being.

But just like the actual Berlin Wall fell, the one around your mind and heart will fall as well.

1 comment: said...

Hey there Monica!

I haven't been able to comment here in a while but today, I realized that I had to have an account set up with IntenseDebate!! Duhhhh. I kept wondering why my Blogger log in didn't work here!!

I am happy to see that you are giving the smack down to people who think that ignorance will be tolerated in forums like ours!

At my own forum, I have had to put my foot in quite a few behinds lately because when you are Miss Nicey-Nice people think that they can polute your forum whenever they please.

NOOOOO! I don't think so!

{raised black glove}

You tell 'em Monica!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!