Friday, October 17, 2008

Notable African-American Transgender People

TransGriot Note:-This will be an ongoing project of the TransGriot Blog. Our transkids and our people need to know (along with the GLBT community in general) that there are African-American transpeople that are doing thangs.

And yeah, I have to humbly toot my own horn and add myself to this list as well. If you are aware of African-American transpeeps who are doing things that I may not have heard of, please do not hesitate to forward that info to me.

Justina Williams
Dr. Marisa Richmond
Dawn Wilson
Valerie Spencer
Miss Major

Jordana LeSesne
DJ Miss Honey Dijon
Sharon Davis
Tracy Jada O'Brien
Earline Budd

Lorrainne Sade Baskerville
Kylar Broadus
Rev. Joshua Holiday
Laverne Cox
Zion Johnson

The Lady Chablis
Tommie Ross
Sharyn Grayson
Stasha Sanchez
Domanique Shappelle

Octavia St. Laurent
Dionne Stallworth
Louis Mitchell
Cydne Kimbrough
Tona Brown

Isis King
Imani Henry

Our Continental African Transpeeps

Juliet Victor Mukasa
Mia Nikasomo
Barbara Diop
Nick Mwaluko

Our Deceased Transbrothers and Transsisters

Marcelle Cook-Daniels
James 'Sweet Evening Breeze' Herndon
Tyra Hunter
Alexander John Goodrum
Roberta Angela Dee

Cookie LaCook
Cathay Williams
Amanda Milan
Stephanie Thomas
Ukea Davis

Chareka Keys
Chanelle Pickett
Gabrielle Pickett
Rita Hester


Eboni T-Girl said...

High Monica

This is a great post that you sent put on this blog. I am glad that you thought of this. truly we as African American trans people need to stay informed for the works that we are doing in our communities, and in socieity as a whole.

With all of the negative press that is created to defame our community especialy the transistahs, I find this refreshing to reflect on those of us who has made a positive influence on many of our lives.

Oh and before I leave, big ups to you Monica most definetly for you knowledge as a griot, and bringing important and well informed issues to the masses of trans people who need what you post. Also for your front line stance on trans issues, and being an activist for our cause.

Furthermore, I would like to give big ups to Miss Majors who I met for the first time in Philadelphia at the trans conference, we immedietly clicked. I was very impressed with her presentation, and hanged with her and miss Billie the rest of the conference. I learned so much from the both of them.

And last but not least, I give big ups to one of my inspirations Ms. Sharon Davis. Her teaching us to hold our heads up high with dignity and respect, even when those try to detract from us.

In one simple phrase, "A FINER SPECIMEN OF WOMANHOOD".

God be with you Monica.

genevieve said...

Tank you for the list, Monica. A few, such as Cathay Williams, I know about. I have to read more about some of the other people. Thanks once again.

Monica Roberts said...

Sharon was an inspiration to me as well.

I kept that issue of JET which told her story until I lost it while moving from my parent's house in 1990

I've always wanted to thank her for telling her story and letting us know that Black transwomen exist too.

Angry Black-White Girl said...

I got the privilege of seeing Miss Major speak at the Critical Resistance 10th Aniversary conference and was so impressed. She seems like a super rad lady.

SeaMonica said...

When it comes to Cathay Williams, I personally prefer using "William Cathay." Since she served as a Buffalo Soldier, I tend to honor "his" service to our country in this manner. But, that's just me.

Monica Roberts said...

Sea Monica,
Since her living as William Cathy on didn't extend beyond the time she was in the military and she lived before her military service and after as a woman, I use her birth name.