Monday, September 22, 2008

Maya Angelou Introduces Michelle Obama

Y'all know how much I love Maya Angelou, but I was disappointed when she came out early to support Hillary. All is forgiven, she's now supporting Sen. Barack Obama.

At this recent Women for Obama rally in Greensboro, North Carolina Michelle Obama was introduced by Maya Angelou. Check out the introduction of this Phenomenal Woman by another Phenomenal Woman.

And this is Michelle's speech. Hell, if anyone is qualified to be vice president or even president, it's this sistah. It damned sure isn't Caribou Barbie.

Speaking of Caribou Barbie, there's a poll on the PBS NOW website on whether Caribou Barbie is qualified to be vice president. The Reichers are spamming the site with YES votes, so it's time, TransGriot readers to give it some balance.


bint alshamsa said...

Wow! Those were both inspiring speeches. I went and cast my vote on that poll and right now the "no" and the "yes" answers are basically in a dead heat.

Monica Roberts said...

That's good news. Hopefully the 'no's will soon pull ahead.