Monday, February 18, 2008


If you've visited the blog over the last few days, you probably noticed I haven't been my usual prolific self in posting to TransGriot lately.

Here in Da Ville we've had a nasty flu strain that has been hitting people hard around town and unfortunately I caught it around Tuesday while at work. I had a 100 degree fever coupled with body aches, chills, congestion, a sore throat and an annoying cough that kept me miserable and bedridden for a few days.

Thanks to my mom and grandmother Lou Ella I inherited their amazing immune systems so I rarely get sick. When I do it usually takes something like this flu strain to waylay me, and I'm an unhappy, cranky camper when it does.

I muddled through work for the next two days and spent Friday and most of Saturday morning crashed in the bed. I got up to run a few errands and grab a copy of Why Did I Get Married? since I was feeling 60% better by that afternoon.

I was feeling well enough after drinking enough orange juice and Dawn's family recipe hot toddy over the last few days to get up and spend most of Sunday being part of the Fairness Campaign's community conversation with its potential new director.

I think this thing has finally run its course, but I'm going to bury it in Vitamin C over this week just to make sure.


Mes Deux Cents said...


I'm glad you are feeling better! :)

Monica Roberts said...

So am I Ms. Deux. This particular flu strain is not a fun one.