Friday, February 10, 2006


An MKR Poem

What's up with the hateration
Discrimination, segregation
Obsfucation and miseducation
Heaped upon the African nation?

What's up with the powers that be
Lip service to democracy
When it applies to me
From sea to shining sea?

Even folks who are GLBT
Express their animosity towards me
And my African-American community
How can this be?

Bump y'all haters, I can only be me
Enveloped in spiritual positivity
Beautiful brothers and sisters you're too blind to see
And still we rise for all eternity


Tonito Bandito said...

Hey there! Monica! I have missed your witty snarky comments from the KA blog. Stumble on over to my wasteland sometimes. Mwah!

gonezo said...

Hey Mon!

I am so happy to read that you love your life now. I am also at a point in my life where I can say (even though disabled) I am happy where I am at!

wiser, older, calmer! (of course killin my thyroid helped a LOT in the calm dept. LMAO)

Peace Sista! and HUGS! ^5 to being comfortable in your own skin! I'm getting there with my now FAT self! God this getting old part can be a pain. lol.