Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Won A Trinity!

A few days ago I received word that I became the third African-American transwoman to receive an IFGE Trinity Award.

I've had a few days to think about it now that the shock has worn off. I've always been a pretty outspoken individual. My friends can tell you that along with the peeps who post to the blogs, Yahoo lists and websites that I inhabit. They have seen me blast at various times the hypocrisy of Black ministers, negro Republicans, the Religious Right, the GOP, DINO Dems, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Euro-American transgender community for their racism and desperate desires to hang on to whatever remaining vestiges of White Male Privilege they have left. (Hey, I have a low tolerance level for bullshit)

Ever since I've transitioned 12 years ago I have done my part to simply live my life as an out and proud African-American transwoman. I don't wear my transgender status on my sleeve, but if you approach me in the spirit of loving curiosity about how I live my life, I'm happy to share that with you. I'll also tell you if you're treading too close to personal space.

But just a little background on the Trinity. Since 1991 the International Foundation For Gender Education has given out this award to transpeeps and their allies. Some of the biggest names in the transgender community have received this award at one time or another such as Phyllis Frye, my activist mentor down in Houston, Jamison Green, Monica Helms and Angela Brightfeather of TAVA, and Vanessa Edwards Foster just to name a few. There's another one for lifetime service to the transgender community that IFGE issues called the Virginia Prince.

The first African-American winner was Dawn Wilson in 2000, followed two years later by Dr. Marisa Richmond. I thought it would be a while before I got one, because of my opinionated big mouth and noting that other African-American transpeeps have yet to be honored such as Chanel Tresvant of Los Angeles, Lorrainne Sade Baskerville of Chicago and the late Alexander John Goodrum. They have yet to honor an African-American transman with a Trinity. (Hint hint. Maybe we can start with either AJ Goodrum or Zion Johnson, the first African-American president of FTM International)

Nevertheless, I'm damned happy to finally get one and will be at the IFGE Conference in Philadelphia in full diva mode this April to collect it.

Sure will look good on the mantel.


Red Letter Rev said...

Bravo, Monica and congratulations on receiving a Trinity! You've touched and enriched more lives than you even suspect. Sometimes, the hardest thing to tell about is life itself. You're not just telling about it -- you've got out there and lived to tell about the sweet, the sorrowful and the reality.

I look forward to your posts. You always have that one more piece of information that brings the picture to full clarity. G'd gives the gift of story-weaving to but few and you're using that gift to the greater glory, teaching the rest of us in the GLBT community to speak up, be seen and not just to sit back and take hindmost because of our orientation or color.

May your new blog be a home, filled with friends and fans, warmed by your love and wisdom.

jenny said...

Congratulations Gf!!! I'm not one bit surprised!

Dharmashanti said...

Congrats, Monica! You earned it!